About Us

We believe in the power of filmmaking to transform lives and foster deep, meaningful connections.

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Our founder, Mauricio, began his creative journey as a saxophonist, enchanted by the camaraderie and emotional resonance of music. This passion evolved into a love for filmmaking in his twenties, a medium he views as a way to encapsulate empathy and share it with the world.

At ThisisMo Media, we work with teams and individuals who share our belief that purpose must always precede profit.

Our philosophy is simple but powerful:
“Be kind and kick ass.”

Kindness isn’t just a courtesy; it’s our strategy to unlock the full potential of every project and person we collaborate with.

From local nonprofits to innovative startups, our films aim to bypass the superficial and dive straight into what truly matters. Whether we are sharing stories of adoption in the child welfare space, or exploring the intricacies of cutting-edge technology, our goal remains the same—to create films that resonate deeply, compel action, and change lives.

Partner with us and let’s see how we can amplify your mission.

ThisisMo Media, Film Production Company

We craft stories that amplify the mission of world-changing teams

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect people through storytelling. We keep kindness and excellence at the forefront of every film we make. Just like the clients we partner with, our team leads with purpose, and we turn every project into an opportunity to make a difference.

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