Crafting stories that accelerate the mission of world-changing teams.

You chase a mission that makes a difference. We use story to connect your audience to that mission.


An experienced film production company serving all of South Florida since 2005.

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ThisisMo Media Film and Video Production Company in Ft Lauderdale FL

We are Digital Filmmakers who Bring Compelling Narratives to Life.

When you work with us, you get more than a camera operator. You get a team that will get into the nooks and crannies of what makes you unique and share that with the world.

Our superpower is our discovery process, and once we understand what makes you awesome, we’ll make sure everyone else does, too.

Production Crew & Gear

We bring the gear and the crew to capture and produce what you need done, no more and no less.

Planning & Process

Our planning process ensures that you get real results, not just a great video.

You chase a mission that makes a difference.

We use story to connect your audience to that mission.

ThisisMo Media

How It Works

This is not our first rodeo!

Step One

The Call

Book a 20-minute discovery call. Our films don’t come off of a shelf; they are individually crafted.

Step Two

The Plan

Once we’ve identified the problem you’re trying to solve, we map out the ideal video solution for you using a scientifically proven process for emotional connection.

Step Three

The Feels

We produce and deliver a video that moves your audience to action. There’s no such thing as a cookie cutter client, and our projects aren’t either.

Case Study

Selfless Love Foundation

When we met the Selfless Love Team, they were already making great strides towards making a difference in this space, but they had a problem:

The statistics documented in the Child Welfare system are overwhelming. Thousands of youth waiting for their forever family. A staggering percentage of negative outcomes for those that age out of the system.

“Fostering Dreams”

A year-long project that is the centerpiece of one organization’s yearly giving.

The Problem

How do you communicate both the scope of the problem and the hope of a solution without overloading an audience? How do you show supporters that we’re not dealing with broken kids, we’re dealing with a broken system?

The Solution

This is where we came in.

Five years and millions of dollars in donations later, we continue to partner with their team to create content that connects their supporters emotionally to the mission that drives their organization.

Gala Visuals and Live Production

We worked with their in-house team to produce their annual Gala, including all on-screen visuals, coordination and planning of live performances, and a livestream.

Selfless Love Foundation Gala

Ashley Brown

CEO & Co-Founder, Selfless Love Foundation
“This is MoMedia has been a game-changer for our organization. Thanks to their unique ability to tell stories in a compelling way, we have increased awareness and generated revenue for our nonprofit. From creating videos throughout the year to spearheading all media and graphics at our annual gala, they have been instrumental to our success.”


Ed Brown

Co-Founder, Selfless Love Foundation & Former CEO of Tequila Patrón
“After searching for years to find a media company to meet all our needs, we finally found ThisisMo Media. Not only have they helped us raise crucial dollars to support our mission, but they are a dream to work with. I cannot recommend them enough!”


Crafting stories that accelerate the mission of world-changing teams.

Film Production

ThisisMo Media exists to create authentic films that help those we serve take their next step.

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Ft. Lauderdale, FL