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Our philosophy is simple, but powerful:
“Be Kind and Kick Ass”

We believe in “People over Pixels”. The result is a project that brings the absolute best out of everyone involved, and success you can be proud of.

More than a feeling.

We use a scientifically proven process to create the kinds of emotional connections that generate results.

Step One

Step One

Step One

Story Finding

We make sure we deeply understand you and your mission.

Step Two

Step Two

Step Two


Custom-generated guiding principles that align us on purpose and approach.

Step Three

Step Three

Step Three


People connect to people. We find compelling characters so that your audience won’t just watch – they will care.

Step Three

Step Three

Step Four


A strong plot will stop the scroll and hold attention, and you’ll see it here before the cameras roll.

Step Three

Step Three

Step Five

The Feels

We produce and deliver a video that drives results for you.

How We Helped One Team Make Almost $4 Million in One Night

ThisisMo Media has been a game-changer for our organization… They have been instrumental to our succes.

Selfless Love Foundation

When we met the Selfless Love Team, they were already making great strides towards making a difference in this space, but they had a problem. The statistics documented in the Child Welfare system are overwhelming. Thousands of youth waiting for their forever family. A staggering percentage of negative outcomes for those that age out of the system.

The Solution

Five years and tens of millions of dollars in donations later, we continue to partner with their team to create content that drives results and furthers their mission.

The showcase film we assembled

ThisisMo Media, Film Production Company

We craft stories that amplify the mission of world-changing teams

Our Mission

...is to connect people through storytelling. We keep kindness at the forefront of every film we make.

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