Here are just a few of the projects that have helped our clients knock their goals out of the park.

“Gift from the Heart”

For over 27 years, Children’s Harbor has been providing a harbor of hope and healing for children who have been impacted by the trauma of child abuse. When they needed a storytelling partner to connect the hearts of their supporters to the hearts of the youth they serve, they called on us. Our approach and level of care was – and continues to be – a perfect fit for their mission and we are honored to be an extension of their team.

“They took me in when nobody else would.”

“A HIPPY story”

How do you get someone emotionally connected to a program? Tell a story, of course! HIPPY is an evidence-based, home visiting program that partners with parents of children ages two through five to help prepare parents and children for school success. In order to communicate its impact on the local community, Kids In Distress, Inc. trusted us to tell the story of one family whose lives were changed because of this program. As a result of this campaign, the program received the funding necessary to continue making a difference in the lives of families in South Florida.

“The Viveros’ Story”

“Fostering Dreams”

A year-long project that is the centerpiece of one organization’s yearly giving.

“Selfless Love Foundation”

“Robin’s Nest at Big Canoe”

Because we like to have fun, too. A video we created to communicate the natural beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

“Experience the Blue Ridge Mountains”

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