some of our favorite projects

We’ve made a conscious decision to challenge ourselves wherever possible to go deeper when it comes to the stories of our wedding couples. We believe that the most resonant work we do emerges when both we and our subjects feel a strong personal connection to the work. In this case, Julian & Sayuri we willing to take the journey and share the big “whys” that underpin their decision to unite their lives. Their film is all the better for that commitment.

When the team from LifeNet4Families approached us about creating a video to commemorate their 30 year anniversary, we couldn’t have been more excited.
Our favorite kinds of projects are digital films that tell stories of people making a positive difference in the world, and LifeNet4Families does this in a multitude of ways every day. Throughout the production process, we were able to see their passion for addressing not just the basic needs of the clients they serve, but even needs beyond that. Our prayer is that our work here in some small way helps them to take their efforts to the next level.

We were very grateful for the opportunity to film Nathan and Liz’s wedding this summer. We loved hearing the story of how they met online and over time and many letters, deepened their relationship until the day came for them to take the step into marriage. We spent the day with them from prep to final departure and had a blast!

No Perfect People, Inc. is a nonprofit organization started by Church by the Glades whose mission is to equip people to make a positive impact on their communities. On one of their most recent outreaches, a volunteer from their team made a choice that changed one man’s life in a profound way.
For almost 20 years, Jorge Fleitas has been running New Life Family Ministries, an outreach in Miami that serves the homeless and underemployed. When a stroke robbed him of his teeth, he had a choice – to leave the shelter to take a job that could help him pay for his dental work, or to stay and serve the people who needed him. For years, he chose to serve.
This is the story of what happens when great need meets great compassion. Special thanks to the amazing people at Church by the Glades whose commitment to changing lives makes stories like these possible.
There’s something special about a wedding ceremony – It’s one of the few occasions where an ancient and sacred tradition manages to break into the routine of everyday life and remind all of us that, there is a much bigger story going on than the one we may be living in moment by moment.
Luly and Carlos’ was a special one for us because they were celebrating 15 years of marriage; with all of its ups and downs, they were still in it for the long haul.

This was one of those days that as a producer, you remember fondly for a long time. Seven camera operators across two different locations for two days bearing witness to major spiritual milestones in a one of the most emotional gigs we’ve done for a long time.
Our full film crew joined the staff and volunteers at Church by the Glades to document and create a recap of their baptisms from the last few months. Most of the credit for this has to go to the amazing team there that took the time and effort to capture everything that happened during these baptisms.

Ooopsy the Clown is a local entertainer (and celebrity) in South Florida, and this is a segment we created for her latest DVD. It’s a short vignette from the life of Ally the Alligator and a lesson in why it’s never a good idea to try to wake up an alligator.